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3 Incredible Reasons to Use an Inflatable Bladder Dam for Pool Repair & Maintenance

No one likes it when the community pool is down for repairs or maintenance. It’s the worst feeling on those hot summer days. You feel the sun is going to melt you into the sidewalk, and the pool’s closed. The good news is you can keep your pool up and running even during repairs and regular maintenance. Your tenants, visitors and guests can enjoy the pool all season long. Here’s how.

Pool Repair and Maintenance Made Easy

Inflatable bladder dams are an innovative dewatering solution that makes pool repair and maintenance easier and more efficient. You can keep your pool open and your tenants or customers happy. Consider the following 3 reasons to begin using an inflatable bladder dam for all your pool repair and maintenance.

1) No Disruption to Pool Use

An inflatable bladder dam like the Aqua-Barrier® allows you to dewater the section of the pool in need of attention, while the remainder of the pool remains in use. You don’t have to close the entire pool down anymore. Your repairs and maintenance can be conducted on one side of the dam while people continue swimming on the other side.

2) Make Repairs and Maintenance Quickly

The Aqua-Barrier® inflatable bladder dam is designed to make dewatering a worksite easier and more efficient. This makes it the perfect solution for working in pools. It’s easy to install and effectively restricts water to one side of the pool while work is done on the other.

3) Inflated by Pool Water

The inflatable bladder dam is installed into a full pool. The dam is then inflated with pool water, dewatering the worksite while forming a wall for the rest of the pool at the same time. It molds to the pool walls and floor, forming a seal. The rest of the pool remains operational while the work is done. Once the work is complete, the pool water is simply drained from the bladder dam back into the pool. Minimal cleanup and the Aqua-Barrier® can be stored for later use.

Let Your Tenants Stay Happy

Keeping a pool in operational condition requires routine maintenance, cleaning, and occasional repairs. This can be tricky to schedule during peak use months. With an inflatable bladder dam, however, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Perform pool repair and maintenance while your pool remains in use. To learn more about this innovative approach to pool maintenance and repair, Contact Us.

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