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4 Reliable Aqua-Barrier Design Configurations

Compared to traditional cofferdams, the Aqua-Barrier is a proven alternative for dewatering construction sites. From building a bridge to installing a culvert pipe, having a versatile water control solution is crucial for any construction crew. That being said, Aqua-Barrier offers a number of design configurations to meet the specifications of any worksite. Are you aware of the top reliable design configurations?

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Types of Cofferdam Design Formations

Depending on your worksite, there may be environmental or structural elements to consider when installing your Aqua-Barrier. In addition, special accommodations might be needed based on whether you’re working with a river, stream, lake, or ocean. To adequately seal your worksite from water intrusion, it’s important to install your inflatable water dam in a particular way. Consider the following four design formations to meet your project’s needs.

  1. Tee-Pee
  2. Complete Enclosure
  3. Bank-to-Bank
  4. Partial Block

1) Tee-Pee

Great for pipe repairs or areas with low water depths, the tee-pee design configuration (as seen in the title photo) involves two Aqua-Barriers placed on top of one another. By blocking the entire span of the stream or river, construction crews can safely perform their work without water leaking through.

2) Complete Enclosure

Is access to the shoreline unavailable? Will your Aqua-Barrier be used to create a large space with water surrounding on all sides? Apply a complete enclosure design with water dams on each side, you can form four sides to seal off a designated workspace.

Pro Tip: When your project is complete and water control is no longer needed, use our EZ-Roller system to disassemble any water dam configuration.

3) Bank-to-Bank

Whether you’re building underneath the riverbed or water depths, having a reliable way to block water on either side of a river is crucial. Install a bank-to-bank design configuration, also known as a “canal block”, with Aqua-Barriers on either side of a worksite to create a dry area.

4) Partial Block

For those building a boat ramp or digging underground on the edge of a shoreline, a partial block design is necessary. Use three or more Aqua-Barriers to keep easily create a new water edge alongside your worksite.

Choosing the Best Configuration

Which design configuration is right for your next project? Depending on the size of your work area and the type of construction project, your water control needs might vary from project to project. Keep your requirement limits in mind and determine what placement will give you the most workspace. With user-friendly installation and versatile applications, the Aqua-Barrier is proven to be the best water control solution on the market.

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