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5 Incredible Ways Aqua-Barrier®Saves Money Dewatering

Dewatering your worksite is a necessary step anytime water is present on a worksite. Due to frequency of use, it presents an opportunity for significant time and cost savings. Your choice in dewatering solutions can make a huge difference in your project completion efficiency. The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam is designed to save you significant time and money in the following ways.

Increase Your Dewatering Efficiency

There are many facets of the dewatering process that present an opportunity to save time and money. Aqua-Barrier®’s design allows you to take advantage of every opportunity. Consider these 5 ways you can save money with the Aqua-Barrier® Solution.

1) Installation

The Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam installs 3-5 times faster than other methods using minimal manpower and equipment. Aqua-Barrier® is made of a flexible PVC material. As it fills, it molds to the environment
forming a seal to control the surface water in your jobsite. Installation time is just a few hours for most projects. In construction, as you know, when you save time, you’re also saving money.

2) Post-construction cleanup

Using the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam requires no post-construction cleanup. At the end, you return the water to the source and roll up the cofferdams for storage
until next use. This translates to cost savings as it saves you additional time on the back end.

3) Reusable and versatile

The Aqua-Barrier® Solution is reusable and infield repairable with minimal downtime. This saves you money over sandbags, which serve a one-time use and require special disposal. Aqua-Barrier® is also versatile, ideal for restraining water, containing water, diverting water, hydra testing, flood protection, and more. One product covers many types of projects.

4) Materials disposal

With the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam, there’s no need for materials disposal. With sandbags, you have to pay to have them removed properly. If you’re using dirt, you’ll have to take time after the project is completed leveling the dirt berm or removing it. Aqua-Barrier® is simply deflated, rolled up, and returned.

5) Man labor

Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdams require minimal man labor for deployment and removal. They’re designed to minimize the total labor needed for your dewatering process. Saving you man-hours saves you money. On average, a team of 6 workers, 2 track hoes and (2) 8HP Pumps is all you need to install the Aqua-Barriers®.

Save Time, Improve Your Bottom Line

Traditional dewatering solutions such as sandbags take significantly more time in preparation, installation, and cleanup. You’re always looking for ways to improve your overall efficiency and shorten the duration of project completion. To that end, consider making the Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam your go-to dewatering solution. Contact Us to learn more about how Aqua-Barrier® could improve your dewatering process, or for more dewatering resources.

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