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5 Resources for Understanding Water-Filled Flood Barriers

Flood barriers are essential for dewatering your construction site.. Especially if your company is located in an area prone to flooding, staying informed of flooding solutions could prove very useful. Fortunately, plenty of free online resources can teach you everything you need to know about water-filled flood barriers and protection.

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How Can You Educate Yourself?

Featuring videos, downloadable files, webinars, and more, HSI Solutions is your one-stop shop for learning about flood barriers. Browse our library to stay informed and be ready when the next flood hits.

  1. Video library
  2. Free webinars
  3. Literature
  4. Cost calculator
  5. Info pages

1) Video Library

The HSI video library shows the proper way to install the Aqua-Barrier for flood protection as well as construction work. You can also access archived podcasts, charity spotlights, dewatering demonstrations, and more in this section.

2) Free Webinars

Once a month, HSI hosts an online webinar on a topic relevant to construction, flood prevention, or dewatering. Best of all, the webinars are completely free to register for! Just specify which webinar you’d like to attend.

3) Literature

HSI archives their most up-to-date product brochures with key product information. If you’re looking for more detailed engineering info or product specifications, HSI provides both easily accessible via our website.

Pro Tip: A flood barrier can be the only protection your business has against a flood. Take advantage of these free resources and make sure you make the right decision.

4) Cost Calculator

If you’re still on the fence about using a water-filled inflatable barrier instead of a concrete or earthen dam, check how much money the switch could save your company. HSI’s Cost Calculator analyzes your immediate need and produces a detailed price breakdown for the Aqua-Barrier and a traditional dam within seconds. In almost every scenario, you can cut your budget by more than half.

5) Info Pages

The product pages themselves are also good sources of information. The page for HSI’s signature Aqua-Barrier showcases potential uses, dimensions when inflated, special features, and more. Another page shows the proper installation method. Even a casual browse can answer many of your questions about this inflatable flood barrier.

Choose Wisely

Don’t put off learning about dewatering solutions–you never know when you’ll need something fast. With the help of these resources, you can teach yourself about different types of flood barriers and which is best for your company.

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