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5 Steps Towards a Successful Cofferdam Project

Whether you are restoring a bridge, constructing a boat ramp, or cleaning a swimming pool, any cofferdam project will be successful when you do it correctly. You’ll have to get all the necessary tools, apply for relevant permits, and hire an expert contractor.

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What are some important factors to consider when starting a cofferdam project?

Temporary cofferdams can help you maintain a dry work area when constructing structures in or near a body of water. While cofferdams vary in size and material, their primary objective is to divert water from the construction sites.

Before you start a cofferdam project, you should consider the following factors.

  1. Getting Necessary Permits
  2. Estimate Water Depth and Flow
  3. Analyze the Subsurface
  4. Hire an Experienced Contractor
  5. Consider Engineering and Design

1) Getting Necessary Permits

Before installing the Aqua Barrier cofferdam, you need to get the necessary permits for various parameters, including turbidity, right-of-way restrictions, and contamination. If you are the project’s chief engineer, it’s your responsibility to acquire these permits.

2) Estimate Water Depth and Flow

Your project timing matters a lot, especially when constructing a structure during rainy seasons. Inquire from the U.S. Geological Survey about the water level fluctuations in your location. Ensure that your cofferdam is high enough to control the water depths.

3) Analyze the Subsurface

When estimating the water depth and flow at the work area, analyzing the subsurface is also essential. Figure what is lying under the water. It will help you select a cofferdam technology that can handle the slopes, vegetation, and silt levels on the subsurface.

4) Hire an Experienced Contractor

When installing the Aqua-Barrier cofferdam, hire a professional contractor to help you do the job. The good news is that the water barrier is easy to install. If you need help, the Aqua Barrier technicians are ready to offer onsite assistance during installation.

5) Consider Engineering and Design

Construction projects in or near water bodies require you to use the correct cofferdam technology. Unlike the old cellular cofferdams, which comprise interlocking steel sheet piles, the Aqua Barrier has a simple design for easy installation.

Being Prepared for Your Cofferdam Project

If you want to have a successful cofferdam project, you need to get the Aqua Barrier to maintain a dry working environment. Get all the relevant permits to avoid problems with the authorities and also for your safety. Such preparations will help you get started.

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