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Trading Sandbags for Inflatable Bladder Dams

Sandbags have been a standard dewatering method for hundreds of years. They are effective in many scenarios. Advancements in technology, however, have fostered new innovations in flood prevention and dewatering solutions. One such innovation is the inflatable bladder dam.

5 Key Benefits of Trading Sandbags for Inflatable Bladder Dams

Improving your process efficiencies is a number one way to drive down your cost of operations. Replacing your sandbags with inflatable bladder dams improves your process efficiencies significantly. Consider the following 5 ways:

1) Saves time.

Inflatable bladder dams are 3 to 5 times faster to install than other dewatering solutions. Sandbags, in particular, require significant time to fill the bags and build the walls. They also require special disposal after use.

2) Saves hassle.

Not only do sandbags require a long time to build, but they also require more man labor. They must be transported in, filled, and built into walls. Inflatable bladder dams require minimal man labor and equipment for easy installation and removal.

3) Saves money.

Reduced labor requirements translate to considerable cost savings over time. You also won’t have to spend the extra money on fill material, as the bladder dams are filled with materials available onsite. The special disposal required by sandbags means extra cost. Inflatable bladder dams, on the other hand, are reusable creating even more cost savings over time.

4) Reduces injuries.

Inflatable bladder dams require less man labor and physical strain to install and remove than sandbags. This means you’re also reducing the amount of time your workers are put at risk of injury. At the end of the day, this will also reduce your workers’ comp claims.

5) Reduces waste.

Sandbags must be disposed of after each use. They are not reusable. Inflatable bladder dams are built to last many uses over a period of years. Water available onsite is used as fill material, reducing necessary waste even further. Inflatable bladder dams leave minimal environmental impact.

Simply More Effective

With reduced labor, time, and money, inflatable bladder dams also get the job done more effectively. As water inflates the barriers, they mold to the environment forming a seal. This removes the risk of water leaking through cracks. They are easily installed in various scenarios with minimal man labor and equipment. Taking into account the benefits of trading sandbags for inflatable water dams, the impact to your bottom line is significant. Consider making the switch today.

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