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An Overview of Your Aqua-Barrier

From a practical standpoint, the Aqua-Barrier is an excellent tool for your construction crew to have at any worksite that involves a significant amount of dewatering. Its relatively straightforward setup and usage make it easy to learn as well. But some construction crews may want more details. What about the Aqua-Barrier’s specifications?

We’ve compiled detailed pages and explanations of the Aqua-Barrier’s details for anyone who wants to learn more about this inflatable cofferdam. In this article, we’ve compiled summaries and the basic details for anyone looking for a quick overview. For a more detailed analysis, visit the links in each section.

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Product Specifications

The Aqua-Barrier is made out of heavy gauge polyvinyl chloride and polyester, which can be patched at the worksite with a vinyl adhesive when necessary. This material is designed to be watertight when the ends of two Aqua-Barriers are laid on top of each other, trapping the water outside. When fully inflated, the barrier can stand by itself without any assisting devices.

For more details on the Aqua-Barrier’s design and features, read our product specifications document.


Inside the Aqua-Barrier is a diaphragm/baffle system which allows it to stabilize itself in the water. When the barrier is exposed to high pressure on one side (which happens when it’s holding back water), the baffle locks into place to prevent it from rolling over and allowing the water to escape. The vinyl material presses onto the ground to create a watertight seal and ensure nothing can escape from underneath either.

Pro Tip: For a more detailed look at the Aqua-Barrier’s dimensions and stabilization process, check out our AutoCAD drawings.


While the product specifications page contains the basic need-to-know information about the Aqua-Barrier, our MasterFormat PDF has every detail you and your construction crew could ever imagine needing about our equipment. If you weren’t able to find the answer to your questions elsewhere, chances are you’ll find it here. Read our MasterFormat document for an incredibly in-depth look at the Aqua-Barrier’s specifications and details.

A Well-Designed Dewatering Solution

The Aqua-Barrier is designed to perfectly suit any dewatering construction needs and has the results to back up its claims. If you’re looking for a durable and well-made solution for your partially submerged construction site, you can’t go wrong with an Aqua-Barrier!

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