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5 Aqua-Barrier® Accessories to Help You Facilitate Infield Use

Not only is the Aqua-Barrier® one of the most innovative and cost-effective dewatering solutions on the market, but it comes with unique accessories that help facilitate installation and use for your worksite.

Fill Ports (1)

Each Aqua-Barrier® is equipped with 3- or 4-inch industrial grade, threaded fill ports. Fill ports are installed in pairs near each end of the barrier.

End Pipeloops (2)

Pipeloops are fabricated on each end of the barrier to facilitate precise placement and rapid removal. Inserting a pipe through the loops allows you to maneuver the barriers with an elevated, heavy equipment arm.

Repairability (3)

Aqua-Barriers® are in-field repairable! Utilizing a specialized adhesive and material patch, repairs can be made even while the barrier is wet.

Drain Ports (4)

There are 8-inch drain ports on each end of the barrier. Additional drain ports are also located along both sides of the unit; the number and position vary depending upon barrier length.

Bonus! Shipping and Storage (5)

The Aqua-Barriers® are produced from flexible vinyl membrane. The barriers can be packaged on standard pallets for cost effective shipping and storage.

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Learn More about the Aqua-Barrier®

Aqua-Barrier® accessories make the temporary inflatable cofferdam an even easier dewatering solution for a variety of construction projects. Whether you are installing a pipeline, building a bridge, installing a boat ramp, or working on a large shoreline restoration project, the Aqua-Barrier® will provide a dry and safe worksite for your contractors or crew.

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