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Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam Success Story: Fender Marine Construction

Hydrological Solutions Aqua Barrier can be utilized in many different industries. Water control is an element of successful dewatering projects ranging from bridge and dam building to pipeline repairs, shoreline restorations, and in this success story, an attraction at a popular American amusement park.


Fender Marine Construction is a Florida State Certified Marine Contractor and marine construction consultant company located in Orlando and throughout Florida. Fender Marine Construction’s dedication to using only the highest quality materials installed with the finest workmanship while giving a reasonable price is one reason why they are a highly sought-after contractor.


For their pump repair project, Universal Studios Orlando hired Fender Marine Construction to install the Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdam. The cofferdam was used to isolate a lagoon in order to allow for pump repair. After the previous contractors that were hired to conduct the pump repair were not able to fix the problem, Universal Studios sought out the consultation and expertise of Cloud 9 Services, Inc. the parent company of Fender Marine Construction. Due to the versatility of the Aqua-Barrier, the pump was easily isolated and the crew was able to perform the work with ease. The simple and quick installation and removal of the cofferdam allowed the project to be completed on schedule.


The Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam is designed to be a portable dam that is perfect for a multitude of different dewatering projects that you may be working on and is a more effective and environmentally safe alternative to sandbags. The key to preventing invasive waters from entering work sensitive areas is the cofferdam’s unique design and engineering. Contact Us today for more information about our cofferdam and how it can be utilized to meet your dewatering needs.



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