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Aqua-Barrier Uses for Canal or Culvert Construction

During canal construction, you’ll need to dewater the worksite to protect your workers from any risk that might occur. The most reliable way to control water flow is installing the Aqua-Barrier, an inflated water-filled barrier that restricts water flow. You can also use the cofferdam to control flooding during culvert construction.

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A dewatering solution is essential to create a dry worksite when it comes to canal or culvert construction. Many engineers prefer using the Aqua Barrier because of its countless benefits. Your crew can quickly dewater the worksite by inflating the barrier using the water available at the site. Here are the barrier applications.

Canal Construction Applications

Unlike many construction projects, canals should get constructed with water control in mind. During repairs, it’s prudent to stop or reroute the water from flowing through the canal. Otherwise, the water can weaken the structure getting repaired. With the Aqua Barrier, construction workers can build a canal without worrying about the water levels.

Culvert Dewatering Applications

Culvert construction and repairing can be troublesome if there’s water in the worksite. The Aqua Barrier can adapt to various environments during construction, offering the most cost-effective solution for culvert construction. Since there are many types of culverts, you need to install a specific type at the right elevation to prevent erosion.

Here are the three types of culverts.

  • Arch Culvert: This is a low profile culvert that you can install without interfering with the water’s causeway. It spans over the entire width of the drainage system. To install this type of culvert, you don’t need costly water diversion structures.
  • Pipe Culverts: As the name suggests, these culverts are made of pipes available in different shapes. The pipes can be circular, elliptical, or any other shape that suits the worksite. Pipe culverts are easy to install.
  • Box Culverts: These are the most popular culvert types. Box culverts consist of reinforced concrete to allow water to flow through it smoothly. However, some box culverts are made of composite structures.

The Aqua Barrier Inflatable Cofferdam

As the most reliable structure for controlling water flow at a construction site, the Aqua Barrier can be useful during canal or culvert construction. The barrier provides quick installation and removal. You can also transport it easily, providing a long-term solution for future construction projects.

Successful Canal and Culvert Construction Projects

Installing an Aqua Barrier is the most reliable way of creating a dry work area during canal and culvert construction. The cofferdam has an internal baffle system that locks it in place to protect it from floating away. The Aqua Barrier is also made of materials that can withstand tough conditions, including industrial-grade vinyl-coated polyester.

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