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Basics of River Intake & Outfall Projects

When working on an intake outfall construction project, you will need to create a dry worksite to ensure your workers’ safety. Keeping the river water at bay will also ensure a smooth process, enhancing work quality. To simplify the dewatering process, consider installing an Aqua-Barrier, a sustainable water-inflated cofferdam.

Is your Intake/outfall construction project located in a river designated as an Area of Special Natural Resource Interest? The project has to meet all the location and construction standards, including environmental regulations. Thankfully, an environmentally-friendly structure like Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam is up to the standards.

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Defining “Intake & Outfall”

An intake structure is a pipe that diverts water from a waterway, while the outfall is the outlet pipe that discharges the diverted water into a waterway. Both intakes and outfalls can result in a significant impact on a river.

The intakes encourage the displacement of sediments, reducing the sediments supplied downstream. If a lot of sediments flow through the intake, there will be damages to the intake facility and end operation machinery. Turbines and valves are examples of end operation types of machinery.

Discharges from an outfall structure can encourage erosion of the river’s bed and banks. Increased erosion will also increase sediment supply downstream. With increased bank erosion, the river can widen downstream.

Ensuring a Safe Work Environment

During an intake and outfall construction, you need to use an Aqua-Barrier to ensure a safe working environment. No matter the type of intake application, this water-inflated cofferdam can keep the nearby water flow under control. It will also reduce the risk of exposure to dangers associated with intake/outfall projects, protecting your workers.

Aqua-Barrier: Simple, Reusable, & Effective

An Aqua-Barrier combines environmentally-friendly materials and special engineering to provide quick dewatering solutions. Due to the barrier’s continued sustainability, you can rely on it for the life of your intake outfall construction project. The good news is that it’s reusable, highly effective, and super-easy to install and operate.

Running a Successful Construction Project

For a successful intake outfall construction project, you need to keep the worksite dry. The best way to do this is by installing an Aqua-Barrier to control the water flow. Also, it will help you protect workers from potential risks.

You can rent or buy the Aqua-Barrier from a reputable company like HSI Services Inc. We have over 20 years of experience in water management.

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