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Why Choose Inflatable Bladder Dams?

Flexible, inflatable bladder dams are the tool of choice for temporary water control. Inflatable bladder dams are perfect when contractors need to construct new boat ramps, box culverts, retaining walls, dams and bridges as well as for installation and replacement of all types of utility lines. Pipeline contractors use inflatable bladder dams for pipeline inspection, repair, maintenance and installation of new pipelines.

Aqua-Barrier® Inflatable Bladder Dams

The patented Aqua-Barrier® is recognized worldwide as the safest of all inflatable bladder dams on the market because of the inner restraint baffle system that prevents it from rolling.

4 Benefits of the Aqua-Barrier® Bladder Dam

Easy Installation

Aqua-Barrier® inflatable bladder dams are quick and easy to install – simply fill the Aqua-Barrier up with any available water you may have on the worksite. Freshwater and saltwater are both acceptable to use.

Strong & Durable

The Aqua-Barrier inflatable bladder dam is made of a flexible PVC material with a scrim reinforcement for strength and durability.

Versatile to Various Worksites

Aqua-Barriers® can conform to an irregular surface creating a seal that prevents the passage of surface waters up to 6 feet deep. This makes your work area dry and safe. The bladder dams also come in various sizes, making it a versatile product for various worksites.

An Enviro-friendly Solution

No foreign material is introduced to the work area so Aqua-Barriers® are also known as an environmentally friendly dam when temporary water control is needed.

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Inflatable bladder dams are not only flexible and eco-friendly; they are quick to use. Most Aqua-Barrier® systems are installable in just one day. Think of the money you will save on the mobilization and removal of the temporary bladder dam. This allows you more time to work on your project and minimized cost overruns on many projects


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