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Choosing the Best Dewatering System

Dewatering is a necessary part of many construction projects. It allows you to clear the work site of water until construction is complete. Choosing the wrong system can prove disastrous, which is why the process can be so stressful! When choosing the best dewatering system for your project, carefully consider each option.

Which Dewatering System Works Best for You?

Every project brings with it a unique set of ground conditions. Other factors, like weather, tide and water level must also be considered. Choosing the best dewatering system will ensure that the site stays dry and safe for workers. The right equipment can make a big impact on the timely completion of the project.

Assess Your Needs

Consider the scale of your project when choosing a dewatering system. Also, take into account the project timeline. A small-scale project should not take long to complete and should not need a complex dewatering system. If the project is in an area at risk for erosion, steps should be taken to protect the environment around the site.

Inflatable Cofferdam

The simplest option for dewatering is the use of an inflatable cofferdam. Better than sandbags and traditional cofferdams, this innovative type of cofferdam is simple to install and remove when the project is over with minimal manpower and machinery. It’s used to protect a working area against a large influx of water. The Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam, for example, can be reused and repaired, cutting down on waste. Cofferdams can be used for bridge construction, boat ramp renovation, and dam repairs.


Another option would be a caisson, which can be constructed onshore and floated to the site. This option would be appropriate for underwater construction on a very large project. A caisson is a permanent structure and is not removed once the project is done. It usually acts as a foundation for all or part of the structure once finished. Anchoring a bridge is one example.

Get Started

Each project is different, but dewatering has become easier than ever. Tried and true methods have been enhanced and improved with new technologies. Consider upgrading your dewatering system to inflatable cofferdams to keep your competitive edge.

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