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Cofferdam Comparison: Inflatable vs. Traditional

What is a Cofferdam?

A Cofferdam is one of the best watertight structures specially designed to help construction projects and buildings in a particular region that are usually submerged, like piers and bridges. With exclusive features, the excellent construction permits workers to enact repairs, build structural supports and perform some other jobs in a hassle-free and dry environment. If the construction is not installed properly, then it may create more hazards to the workers. In order to avoid dangerous issues, engineering advancements create a unique work setting and protect the workers properly.

Traditional Cofferdams

There are several kinds of materials used to create a cofferdam. It is a temporary structure, but it has the capability to hold water back from the particular work area. Along with this, it also has specialized features to withstand greater pressure. The basic cofferdam utilizes sheet metal in order to create an effective watertight wall which can be very expensive and time consuming to install. Other types are built from concrete or wood and other prefer double walled techniques along with filler. There is a wide array of cofferdam constructions available including braced, rockfill, double wall, earth embankment, cantilever sheet pile and cellular cofferdams.

Highlights Of Inflatable Dams

Inflatable cofferdams are more beneficial than any other dam. Hydrological Solutions puts our entire efforts into their design. Our Aqua-Barrier Cofferdams are greatly supported by wide-ranging engineering analysis. The dams are purely custom designed to integrate seamless construction, curtailed stress concentrations, superior clamping, zero or minimal creases and robust flow division control. We design the aqua barrier by using high-strength and powerful fabrics with weather and abrasion resistance features.

Most builders prefer our inflatable dams because they are quick and easy to install and are a cost-effective way for controlling the water flow in an easier and convenient manner. Contact us today for more information or a free quote!

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