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Your Go-to Solution for Construction Site Sediment Control

If you are still using silt barriers and flotation devices for sediment control around your construction sites you will be glad to know that there is a better method for controlling sediment that is, faster, more efficient, and easier to install and remove. The Aqua Barrier® temporary cofferdam will quickly become your new go-to solution for construction site sediment control.

Sediment from Construction Can Damage the Ecosystem of Waterways

Construction sites have a detrimental effect on the ecology of the waterways surrounding the sites. Large building projects that move huge swaths of land affect the natural slope and topography of the area.

When you are working on construction projects near lakes, streams, rivers, and even man-made ponds, you’ll need to have a plan in place to prevent sediment from seeping into those waterways. Otherwise, the result is:

  • A Disruption to the Environment of Living Organisms in the Water
  • More Money Spent to Treat Contaminated Water
  • Drainage Issues in Ditches, Streams, and Reservoirs
  • A Lethal Effect on Marine Life

Moreover, there are EPA regulations governing sediment control in every state. You may be denied permits and your work could be delayed until you can prove that you have adequate means to control sediment created by your construction project. Aqua Barrier® cofferdams, on can be installed quickly so that you can start work on your project sooner and avoid delays.

A Better Sediment Control Solution

Your project may require a long-term solution for sediment control or you may only need temporary barriers to prevent erosion and sediment damage. Traditional techniques have been known to take more time to install and allow too much runoff to escape barriers.

The Aqua Barrier® Cofferdam leaves no environmental footprint, comes in a variety of different sizes to fit your project needs, is cost effective, and deploys quickly. Best of all, it is most effective at walling off sediment and keeping the surrounding waterways near your work site unharmed. Contact us for more information on sediment control and the various other ways that the new Aqua-Barrier® can be used in the construction industry.

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