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Your Go-to Dewatering Solution for Pool Maintenance & Repair

In the heat of the summer, the swimming pool is the center of family fun and public events. Public swimming facilities depend on your skills and expertise in pool maintenance and repair to keep their pools up and running for the duration of the season. Your clients don’t want to close the pool down for maintenance during the hottest weeks of the summer. And they don’t have to!

Use the Aqua-Barrier® water-inflated cofferdam to block off the portion of the pool needing repair while the swimming pool continues to operate as normal.

Why a Water-inflated Cofferdam Works Well for Pool Maintenance

As mentioned above, a water-inflated cofferdam can be deployed in one area safely while guests continue to enjoy the swimming pool. There is no need to close the pool down, which can make guests angry and potentially cost your client money.

The Aqua-Barrier® was designed to dewater worksites in less time with less hassle. That is why it has become a go-to dewatering solution for pool maintenance and repair. First, the Aqua-Barrier® is installed into a full pool. You can then fill it with the pool water, dewatering your work area and forming the water barrier at the same time. The Aqua-Barrier® restricts the pool water to one side of the pool while you repair the other. Once you are finished, simply drain the water back into the pool.

Our water-inflated cofferdam system continues to be used by pool contractors all over the world to quickly and efficiently dewater pools for maintenance and repair. Our unique patented internal baffle system stabilizes the system for optimum performance. Add the Aqua-barrier® temporary cofferdam to your toolset to a competitive edge and remain at the forefront of your industry.

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