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Dewatering Solutions for Bridge or Dam Projects

What dewatering solutions are you considering for your upcoming bridge projects? So often, bridge constructions go wrong due to a lack of proper dewatering solutions. It is not only bridge constructions that need an excellent dewatering solution. You should also be concerned about the dewatering solutions when constructing a dam wall.

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Getting the best dewatering solutions for your bridge or dam construction projects goes a long way toward the project’s success. While some solutions cut across the dam and bridge building projects, others are specific for each project. Here are some of the specialized and general dewatering solutions you can consider for your bridge or dam.

Bridge Construction Applications

When constructing a bridge, you will need to consider a cheap and yet effective dewatering solution. One of the reliable bridge construction applications you can consider for dewatering is using open sump pumping. Apart from being considered the cheapest, simplest, and most effective dewatering method, open sump pumping is a reliable choice for bridge construction.

Dam Project Applications

When building a dam, the dewatering solutions differ a bit from those of bridge construction. Since building a dam involves making deep excavations, the large quantity of groundwater you need to remove can only be effectively removed using deep wells.

The construction team must build deep wells to drain out water from excavations as deep as 24 meters. Deep wells can be constructed in soils or rocks where the permeability is either moderate or high for sustainability.

Pro Tip: If the soil you are working on does not support deep wells, you can use the eductor system as an option.

Using the Aqua Barrier

An aqua barrier is the portable water-inflated seasonal dam mainly used in construction worksite and dewatering and water work diversion. They are a better and safe alternative to conventional dam methods like earth berms and sandbags.

You can trust their durability as they are manufactured using high-quality materials to offer consistent and reliable performance. They are ideal for both dam and bridge construction projects, but you can use them together with the other methods.

Successfully Dewatering a Bridge or Dam Construction Project

Whether it is your dam or bridge projects that you are considering to dewater, you can always seek help from the right team. At HSI services, we pride ourselves on offering dewatering solutions to see you save money and time. We’ve customized our services to meet your needs.

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