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Easy Deployment with the EZ Roller System


Deploying your water inflated dam has never been easier. Save time and hassle on your worksites and protecting your home from flood waters. The EZ Roller System from Hydrological Solutions makes deployment of your WIPP® and Aqua Barrier® while on dry land faster and easier. Consider the following ways this innovative product could save you time and money.

The EZ Roller System

Time you save in common everyday activities in construction translates to significant potential cost savings over the long haul. Dewatering your worksite is one of these activities. When you are protecting your home, worksite, or other location from an impending flood, you also want to save as much time and hassle as you can. You can use the EZ Roller to deploy your WIPP® anytime since it is used on dry land. However, you can only use it to deploy the Aqua Barrier® when used on dry land, not in the water. Deploying your WIPP® or Aqua Barrier® with our EZ Roller System improves your experience in the following ways:

1) It’s quick.

With the EZ Roller your WIPP® or Aqua Barrier® can be deployed on dry land in minutes. This will amount to considerable cost savings over time.

2) It’s easy.

Not only can it be deployed in minutes, it can be done with as little as 2 people. This will save you man hours on the worksite and much hassle at your home. It is also easy to store.

3) It gives you an even roll every time.

The EZ Roller’s double ratchet roller design ensures an even roll every single time. This consistency means you don’t have to spend time fixing it or redoing it again and again.

How it Works

Our EZ Roller System is simple to use and adjustable to all size barriers. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Tuck a small portion of the barrier into the slotted roller.
  2. Insert both ratchet arms.
  3. Move the handlebars in opposite directions.

The device will roll forward, rolling out your WIPP® or Aqua Barrier® in just minutes. It can be used for deployment and for rolling the barriers back up after each use. This is particularly helpful in construction projects as you can roll the barrier up so it fits well on a pallet. Storage is simple.

Save Time, Save Hassle

Time is precious and hassle is, well, a hassle. Save both with our EZ Roller System when deploying and putting away your water inflated barriers on dry land. Hydrological Solutions is your anti-flooding and dewatering solutions expert. Our proprietary products and excellent service are designed to give you the edge you need on your competition. For more information on using our EZ Roller System to deploy your WIPP® or Aqua Barrier®, Contact Us.

Please give us a call at 936-372-1222 or toll-free at 800-245-0199 to get started.

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