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Erosion Control Methods for Construction Sites

There are several erosion control methods for each phase of a construction project to prevent sediment-lament runoff. Without controlling erosion in construction sites, it will pose significant threats to the environment by causing water pollution in the surrounding water bodies. Erosion also poses substantial risks to wildlife and human health.

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Construction sites use toxic chemicals and building materials, such as metal and wood lumber. Water and wind erosion can carry the materials to the nearby areas, causing several issues. Legal authorities require builders and architects to adopt temporary erosion control measures to counter the impacts of erosion.

Before we look at the various erosion control methods, let’s see how erosion occurs.

Understanding What Erosion Is

Generally, erosion is a natural process where wind or water carries away soil from one location to another. The soil particles from erosion get deposited in streams and other water bodies, causing sedimentation. The sediments can destroy fish habitats, degrade drinking water supplies, clog drainage filters, and increase the risks of flood hazards.

The Importance of Erosion Control on Worksites

During erosion, the topsoil will lose its ability to hold nutrients, combat pollutants, and regulate water flow. Thankfully, construction firms can avert the effects of erosion by implementing the best erosion control methods and measures.

Here are the on-site erosion control measures to consider:

  • Install erosion control blankets to cover loose soils on slopes
  • Use silt fences, gravel bags, or straw rolls to prevent sediment runoffs
  • Disperse water runoff to vegetated areas that are less erosive

Using the Aqua Barrier to Prevent Erosion

Some of the traditional erosion control methods may not effectively control erosion. With the help of the Aqua-Barrier, you can install a barrier between your construction site and the water levels. That way, you can keep away pollutants.

The Aqua-Barrier is also environmentally friendly. It consists of safe materials that help to minimize disturbance of the natural landscape. The Aqua-Barrier inflatable cofferdam will effectively prevent sediments in construction sites from moving to the water bodies.

Erosion Control for Safe Construction Sites

Soil erosion is a major concern for many construction sites as it can cause permanent ecological impacts. If you are managing or supervising a construction project, ensure that you implement the best erosion control methods, including the Aqua-Barrier.

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