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Flood Protection for Commercial Businesses

Commercial flood protection is a serious undertaking that every business owner needs to address. Like other structures, commercial property can also get damaged by floods. With proper preparation, you can prevent the ravaging floodwaters from destroying your business assets. What precautionary measures must you take?

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If your business operates in a flood-prone area, you should take commercial flood protection seriously. The best way to achieve that is by adopting all the precautionary measures we’ll share. You also need to create a logical business continuity plan and install a flood barrier around your commercial building.

Creating a Business Continuity Plan

With the right business continuity plan, you can develop strategies to help your business prepare, prevent, and recover from the devastating impacts of floods. Here are the key elements to consider to create an effective business continuity plan if you’re in a flood zone.

  • Identify potential flood risks
  • Assess critical business components
  • Identify the resources that support the critical components
  • Locate where to house backup systems and maintain vital equipment

Precautionary Construction Measures

When building a commercial property, it’s imperative to take all precautionary measures for flooding during the designing and construction phases. You should take this more seriously when constructing a commercial building in a flood-prone region or along the coastline. You can raise the building and install hurricane-glass windows.

Pro Tip: The Aqua-Barrier is ideal for construction worksites that are high risk for flooding during a natural disaster.

Choosing a Flood Barrier

Installing a flood barrier is one of the most reliable ways to safeguard your commercial property. Here are the various types of flood barriers.

  • Flood Gates: A flood gate is an adjustable barrier used to regulate the flow of water in reservoirs, streams, and rivers. They are available in two types: hinged and static flood gates.
  • Flood Panels: A flood panel is a barrier system engineered to withstand hurricane forces and floodwaters’ devastating impacts. The panels get connected to the floor and each opening’s sides.
  • Aqua-Barrier Water Inflated Dams: Aqua-Barrier is the best flood barrier for commercial buildings. Place it around your business premises, and it will prevent the invasive floodwaters from destroying your assets.

Protecting Your Commercial Business from Floods

After working so hard to build your business, you need to adopt these commercial flood protection strategies to protect it from floods’ devastating impacts. That will ensure all your business assets are safe when the floods hit hard.

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