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How Do Inflatable Cofferdams Help With Flood Control?

Both hurricanes and extreme rainstorms can present a number of problems for local communities. When weather authorities issue a flood warning, many business owners turn to sandbags or alternate flood control methods to prepare. But what if there was a better, more sustainable tool that was both eco-friendly and reliable? Learn how dams, specifically inflatable cofferdams, can help you adequately protect against flooding.

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Did you know that flooding is the most frequent and severe weather threat facing the United States? From property damage to car accidents, flash flooding in moderate to low-risk areas accounts for nearly 25% of flood insurance claims. For those who live near the coast, the amount of property damage claims increases exponentially. As a business owner, having a flood control solution that is easy to use and inexpensive like an inflatable cofferdam will make the difference between your business being adequately prepared or not.

What Is An Inflatable Cofferdam?

While a dam is easily understood as a mechanism that stops water from flowing to a certain area, an inflatable cofferdam can be explained similarly. Like any cofferdam that is built within, or in pairs across a body of water, an inflatable cofferdam uses the water of the area to inflate its bladder tank. By taking in enough water to stabilize the internal baffle system, an inflatable water dam removes water from an area and creates a reliable barrier. Whether it’s to guard against heavy rains or increased river flow in certain areas, an inflatable cofferdam has become the top choice for guarding against flooding.

Advantages of an Inflatable Flood Barrier

Acting essentially like a flood barrier, an inflatable cofferdam can be used to protect a large property from devastating floods, a worksite from water erosion, or a roadway from having its sediment washed away. Compared to sandbags, inflatable flood barriers give business owners a number of benefits:

  • User-friendly – With as little as 2 people, installation of the Aqua-Barrier requires minimal man labor and heavy equipment, helping you save money and time.
  • Lightweight portability – When not in use, water inflated dams can be easily rolled and stored away in a small space such as a shed, making them easily accessible at all times of the year.
  • Highly versatile – Designed with industrial-grade vinyl, inflatable flood barriers are designed to withstand punctures from nearby bushes or plantlife, making them easy to maneuver and install in a number of locations.
  • Environmentally-safe – Unlike the many toxins left behind from sandbags, inflatable water dams don’t require special removal equipment and are 100% toxic-free.
  • Long term investment – Engineered to be reused repeatedly, water barriers are proven to be a reliable way to guard against flooding for years to come.

Pro Tip: Inflatable cofferdams come in a number of different sizes and can be paired together to fully protect the extent of your property that is susceptible to high water levels.

Choosing a Trusted Manufacturer

Due to the number of flood control methods on the market, it can be difficult to find the best tool for your specific application. In addition to reliability and overall performance, the customer service of a manufacturer is a feature that is often overlooked. HSI Services has a team of water management experts who have over 25 years of experience. Along with providing a lifetime warranty and customized solutions for individual properties, you can trust that your business will get the attention it deserves by partnering with our team.

Keeping Floods Under Control With Aqua-Barrier

Water is a powerful force if left unchecked. From property damage to water contamination, not having the best flood protection equipment can be detrimental for your business. With a number of sizes to choose from, the Aqua-Barrier is a proven solution for protecting against floods.

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