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Incredible Improvements in Cofferdam Design

Cofferdams have been in use since before the time of Christ to divert water for various reasons. In recent times, they’re mainly used for construction sites beneath the surface of the water. They are watertight temporary structures built to enclose a worksite and keep it dry while repairs and construction are being completed. They create a safe, protected environment in which workers can complete their tasks with ease.

Traditional Cofferdam Design

Traditional cofferdams can be constructed using sheet metal, concrete, wood, or a double-walled with filler approach. They can be cellular, braced, rockfill, cantilever sheet pile, or earth embankment cofferdams. They are temporary structures built to withstand great amounts of pressure to keep water out while construction is completed. Once the job is complete, the traditional cofferdam is typically dismantled. Often, the displaced water is stored in a temporary holding tank and pumped back into the site upon project completion.

Traditional cofferdams often require heavy equipment and labor to install and dismantle. Because they require significant man hours and heavy machines, they also generate a fair share of injuries involving worker’s comp. However, they can be used in any number of scenarios to effectively keep worksites dry during construction and repairs. They have been the go-to method for dewatering construction worksites for over a hundred years.

Cofferdam Innovations: The Inflatable Bladder Dam

Innovations and technology often improve tried and true systems and methods. New innovations, however, are not always embraced quickly. Consider the following 5 reasons to make the inflatable bladder dam your go-to solutions for dewatering your worksites:

  1. Installation is 3 to 5 times faster than traditional cofferdam solutions.
  2. Requires minimal equipment and labor.
  3. Reduces workers’ comp claims by reducing man hours.
  4. Saves money in labor, time, and by being reusable.
  5. Minimizes environmental impact.

Gain and Edge on Your Competition

Save time and money on all your jobs requiring dewatering. Gain an edge on your competition by adopting this innovative approach to dewatering before they do. Don’t stick with an antiquated cofferdam design when newer, better options are available. Make the inflatable bladder dam your dewatering method of choice for all your underwater projects this year.

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