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Inflatable Bladder Dam Installation: Preparing Your Construction Site

Whenever you have a construction project on a site filled with floodwater, it’s crucial to use an inflatable dam to maintain the project’s integrity. That will also help you keep the worksite dry and protect your workers from any danger that might arise. The best way to achieve that is by using the Aqua-Barrier inflatable bladder dam, which is easy to install.

The Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam is the most effective and efficient dewatering solution on a construction site. You can also use it to prevent flooding when the water level rises on the worksite during heavy rainfalls. The good news is that the Aqua-Barrier can get installed 3-5 times faster than traditional methods.

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Clearing the Work Area

Before installing the Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam, it’s crucial to remove any objects on the ground that could puncture it. Such things could be broken glasses, sharp objects, and jagged objects. You can walk on the site or drag a net to clear away the objects in the water, whether it’s stagnant or moving. Alternatively, you can first install a protective barrier on the work area before installing the inflatable bladder dam.

Avoiding Electrical Power Sources

Deploying an inflatable dam near electrical sources such as power lines, power poles, and transformers is potentially dangerous. For example, contact with a high voltage wire can cause death or injuries. For this reason, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to all Overhead Power Line Safety laws and OSHA requirements. Also, ensure that the site is free from underground, ground, and overhead electrical hazards.

Assess the Work Area Terrain

The slopes and land contours also matter when determining the optimal area to install the inflatable cofferdam. For example, you may only install the inflatable bladder dams in the valleys rather than the hills. However, the barriers will only fill to a specific water depth, making it difficult on extreme land contours. In that case, you can consult with an HSI Services representative for assistance before deploying the inflatable flood barriers.

Getting Ready to Install Your Inflatable Bladder Dam

An inflatable dam can improve the efficiency and productivity of a construction project when installed correctly. It can also enhance the workers’ safety on the worksite. The good news is that the Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam is an environmentally friendly way to divert water from the site, offering maximum flood protection.

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