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Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects

Summertime is right around the corner so that means endless sunny days. In Houston, Texas, the heat and humidity are intense, especially in July and August. For many Texans, being near a swimming pool or at a water park is a necessity.[bctt tweet=” If you own a waterpark, swimming pool, or even a boat ramp; now is the time to start planning summer construction projects to be ready for summer. ” username=”HSIServicesInc”]

How Can Inflatable Cofferdams Benefit your Summer Construction Projects?

Water inflated cofferdams provide a cost-effective solution for timely summer construction projects. When your work area is water filled, it can prove problematic for construction managers. While sandbags are helpful with smaller projects, a larger solution such as an inflatable cofferdam can improve your projects. Here are three construction projects that will benefit from an inflatable dam.

  1. Waterpark Construction
  2. Commercial Swimming Pool Repairs
  3. Boat Ramps

1) Waterpark Construction

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects, Aqua Barrier, Houston, TX

If you need to make repairs to your waterpark structures, you probably think that you have to drain gallons of water. However, with the cofferdam, the construction process becomes a lot easier. Rather than filling your cofferdam with fill material, the Aqua Barrier® cofferdam fills with the very water you need to remove from the site. This makes the project simpler and significantly reduces repair time. You no longer have to waste all of the pool water, but instead can conserve it with the Aqua Barrier® water storage. Furthermore, the Aqua Barrier® molds to the area, forming an airtight seal so that the waterpark structures won’t be in the way.

2) Commercial Swimming Pool Repairs

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects, Aqua Barrier, Houston, TX

The Aqua Barrier® inflatable cofferdam is a game-changer for commercial swimming pool repairs. Instead of draining the entire pool and closing for the duration of repairs, you can strategically use the inflatable cofferdam to hold the water in the specific part of the pool that needs repairs. Therefore, guests can continue to enjoy the swimming pool.

3) Boat Ramps

Inflatable Cofferdams for Summer Construction Projects, Aqua Barrier, Houston, TX

Another convenient summertime use of inflatable cofferdams is boat ramp construction and repairs. One of the biggest obstacles that construction managers must face is moving the water to access the boat ramp.

Pro Tip: While sandbags can be helpful, they’re not the best solution for boat ramp repairs, because water will still leak through the cracks.

Instead, use the Aqua Barrier® to effectively keep the work site dry and prevent water flow.

Timely Summer Time Construction

Our inflatable cofferdams will save you time and money when you need to make repairs on your summer structures. In many instances, business can resume while construction is happening. This way, you won’t be losing customers.

Would you like to know more about inflatable cofferdams for summer construction projects? Join the conversation to speak with our Aqua Barrier® experts today.

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