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An Innovative Tool for Boat Ramp Construction

Summertime is here again- time for sun, fun, and getting out on the water. People are busy preparing their boats and making plans. That means it’s also time for boat ramp construction and repair. Consider upping your game with an innovative tool for dewatering your boat ramp worksites: the inflatable bladder dam.

Boat Ramp Construction: Best Method

The best method for constructing the underwater portion of a boat ramp is to cofferdam the area, pump the water out of the site, and then pour and dry the ramp in place. This method gives you the best quality control and overall final result. However, if you’re using a traditional cofferdam, you need to pump the water out into a retention pool and then pump it back into place once the cement has dried. This takes additional time and resources.

The Inflatable Bladder Dam Advantage

Instead of using a traditional cofferdam, consider an inflatable bladder dam like the Aqua-Barrier® from Hydrological Solutions. The bladder dam can be placed in the water, then filled with the water you want to displace forming a wall and keeping your work area dry. Once the ramp is poured and dried, the water is drained back into the ramp area and the bladder dam removed. This eliminates the need for a holding tank, saving you time and money. The Aqua-Barrier® bladder dam is reusable and easy to install. This innovative solution is ideal for boat ramp construction and repair.

Ramp Up Your Boat Ramp Projects

Whether ramp repairs or new construction, an inflatable bladder dam like the Aqua-Barrier® is the ideal dewatering solution for boat ramp projects. It will save you time and money, simplifying the process and giving you an edge on your competition. Consider using the Aqua-Barrier® bladder dam for your boat ramp construction projects this summer. For more information on the Aqua-Barrier® bladder dam and other dewatering solutions, Contact Us.

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