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A Logical Dewatering Solution for Your Fish Screen Construction Project

One of the best ways to increase revenue on your fish screen projects is to improve process efficiency. You can analyze each stage and search for streamline opportunities, and it will take time you may not have. Given the necessity of dewatering your site, you may be able to save time by improving your dewatering method. Did you know there is a dewatering method that could be 5 times as fast as the one you’re using? Consider how an Aqua-Barrier® could help you improve your process efficiency AND your bottom line.

The Aqua-Barrier® Advantage in Fish Screen Construction

You may be using a traditional cofferdam in your fish screen construction projects. While this method works well enough, there are some time considerations that present opportunities for improved efficiency. A retention pool will be needed for the displaced water during construction. You will need time to construct the pool and to drain the water. You will also need time to set up the cofferdam.

Aqua-Barrier® is a water-inflatable cofferdam that is quick and easy to install, extremely effective, and environmentally safe. The water you need to be displaced is used to fill the cofferdam, saving you time in water drainage and movement of fill material. Aqua-Barrier® will also mold to the terrain and form an airtight seal, making it the perfect choice for fish screen sites.

Aqua-Barrier® is five times faster to install over traditional cofferdam methods. This time saved in the installation will allow you to focus your time and energy on construction and other revenue-producing activities. As you probably repeat to your crew daily, time is money. Aqua-Barrier® is the logical solution for your fish screen construction projects.

Edge Out Your Competition with Aqua-Barrier®

Reusable, quick and easy to install, environmentally safe, and the most effective solution on the market. Use Aqua-Barrier® on your next fish screen construction project to edge out your competition. Improve your efficiency, improve your bottom line. Hydrological Solutions specializes in cost effective temporary cofferdams in the construction industry using water-inflated dams. Contact Us today for more information on how a water-filled cofferdam can help speed up your fish screen construction projects.

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