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What You Need to Consider When Ordering Inflatable Bladder Dams

Inflatable bladder dams remain the most effective, cost-saving, and efficient dewatering solution on the market today. They’re reusable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. They also require minimal manpower and machines to install. If you’re considering upgrading your dewatering solution, this may be the one you’re looking for.

5 Steps to Ordering Inflatable Bladder Dams

There are many aspects to consider when ordering your inflatable bladder dams. You may consider using a cost calculator or computer software simulation to help make your decision. You’ll also want to consider the following:

1) How will it be used?

What is your intended use for your inflatable bladder dam? Will it be flood prevention, pool maintenance, concrete repairs, pipeline construction, work on bridges, or something else? Knowing the intended purpose is the first step toward choosing the right type.

2) What size.

What size of a temporary cofferdam will you need? How big is the space that needs to be dewatered or protected from flooding? The size of the bladder dam will also impact the method of installation.

3) How many.

What length will your bladder dam need to cover to effectively keep the water off of your work site? If it is a smaller area, you may not need as many. However, if it is a major underwater construction project, you may need several.

4) Climate and conditions

You want to make sure your inflatable bladder dam will withstand the climate and conditions you’ll be working in. Look for a bladder dam designed to work well in the area you work in.

5) Maximum containment.

How much water and sediment do you need to control? Different bladder dams are designed to handle different heights of water. Match the maximum containment of your bladder dam of choice with your project needs.

Dewatering Has Never Been Easier

Dewatering your next major underwater project can be easier, faster, and more cost effective. Consider switching to inflatable bladder dams to streamline your dewatering process. Use this guide to ordering inflatable bladder dams to get started.

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