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“Pillow Tanks” for Easy Water Storage

During relief efforts or natural disasters, it’s critical to be able to store clean drinking water or wastewater for disposal. With new technology and environment-friendly materials, “pillow tanks” are becoming the recommended resource for water storage.

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Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage, formerly Insta-Tank™, is a pillow tank made from heavy-duty vinyl to store freshwater. With a number of different sizes, this way to store water transforms commercial use and emergency response.

What’s a “pillow tank”?

In a few words, a pillow tank is a collapsible storage container made of heavy-duty vinyl to hold liquid. When the container is filled to maximum capacity, the tank takes the form of a large pillow, hence the name. It’s also known as a bladder tank, collapsible water tank, or our renown Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage.

Why would you store water?

There are a number of reasons why residential or commercial property owners might want to store water in a collapsible water tank.

  • Pool Repair: Store the chlorinated and clean pool water in a storage tank to conserve water and prevent unnecessary pool drainage.
  • Events/Festivals: Use a portable water pillow tank to store septic water temporarily for a large event or festival.
  • Hurricane/Tropical Storms: Keep floodwaters at bay by setting up a tank to collect the dirty and contaminated water during natural disasters.
  • Irrigation: Protect your crops with the use of a portable tank to collect rainwater for droughts.
  • Relief Efforts: During emergency situations, store drinking water safely in a durable tank to minimize bacteria and provide aid.

Pro Tip: Depending on your environment, installation may look different for your pillow tank. Knowing the difference between dry ground and moving water is important for your pillow tank’s success.

Other Benefits of Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage

Compared to other water storage solutions, Aqua-BarrierⓇ Water Storage is available in many different sizes so that you can easily transport your pillow tank. In addition, the portable and compact design allows any user the ability to store and reuse the tank as many times as necessary. This renewability feature conserves resources and saves money. Instead of having to dispose of contaminated liquids, you can easily fold the tank up for the next use.


From pool repair to relief efforts, there are a number of ways to use a pillow tank. The accessibility and reusability of collapsible water tanks make them a water storage solution that allows any user the ability to get their job done faster and more efficiently.

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