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Pipeline Construction Outlook is Good

Despite the rough ride in the energy sector in recent years, the general outlook for the years ahead is positive. Industry leaders project a strong pipeline construction market, citing factors such as the shale revolution, political shifts, and new technology. Though challenges remain, the groundwork is in place for a robust immediate future.

Challenges for Pipeline Construction

The current oil and gas supplies and prices indicate construction in 2017 will be optimization rather than expansion-focused. With a couple potential exceptions, improvements to delivery efficiencies and other process improvements will take center stage. Stricter regulations and inspections will come in response to incidents in 2016. However, the biggest challenge for pipeline construction remains a shortage of skilled labor.

An Opportunity to Increase Efficiencies

Pipeline construction often requires the dewatering of the worksite. For this reason, dewatering your worksites remains a huge opportunity for improving your project efficiencies for 2017. The Aqua Barrier® inflatable cofferdam from Hydrological Solutions makes dewatering faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly. It is easy to deploy, reusable, and easy to store. It is also ideal for pipeline inspections. You can save time, money, and hassle.

The Future is Bright

The pipeline construction industry has reason to look up in 2017. Keep an eye on expansion opportunities while improving process efficiencies. Consider upgrading your dewatering solution to the Aqua Barrier® inflatable cofferdam and gain an edge on your competition. Contact Us for more information on better pipeline dewatering solutions.

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