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Pool Maintenance Solutions

It is that time of year when the pool covers start to come off and people start to jump in for some fun in the sun.

However, sometimes when that pool cover comes off, damage is discovered that needs repair. If you have pool damage but do not want to go through the cost and hassle of draining the entire pool just to fix one little spot, we may have something that can help.

Our Aqua-Barrier cofferdam can provide a dry work space to make repairs and perform pool maintenance that will not require draining the entire pool. It is a tool designed specifically for the purpose of creating a dry space in an aquatic environment.

The Aqua-Barrier has several features that set it apart:

  • It has added stability due to its patented internal baffle system that locks into place when it is exposed to uneven water pressure, allowing it to keep water out, even when the water is not still.
  • It is also easy to handle and easy to store, even in a compact area, for further use because it is made from a base of woven polyester between two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride.
  • And, if it should get damaged, it is also easy to repair.
  • Finally, we will provide a representative to help you to install and dismantle the Aqua-Barrier® and provide you with an instruction manual for further assistance.

For more information about the Aqua-Barrier, or any of our other dewatering solutions, contact Hydrological Solutions today!

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