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Preparing Your Site for the Installation of an Inflatable Bladder Dam

An inflatable bladder dam remains the most efficient and effective dewatering and flood protection solution on the market. They typically can be installed 3-5 times faster than conventional methods without minimal man hours and equipment. To ensure the optimal safety and best experience, it’s important to prepare your site beforehand.

Things to Consider Before Installation of an Inflatable Bladder Dam

You and your workers’ safety is always number one. Next is productivity and efficiency. The following guidelines are to ensure optimal safety and most effective use of your inflatable bladder dam to complete your projects.

1) Clear the ground.

Objects on the ground that could puncture the bladder dam should be carefully removed or avoided during deployment. This includes sharp or jagged objects and broken glass. In standing or moving water, it’s advised to manually walk the site or drag net it to ensure it’s properly cleared away. When it’s impossible to clear away all potentially dangerous objects, protective material is required to be installed before deploying the bladder dam.

2) Avoid electrical sources.

Do not deploy a bladder dam near any electrical sources such as power poles, power lines, transformers, and other items. Know and adhere to all Overhead Power Line Safety laws and OSHA requirements. Contact with high voltage can result in death or serious injury. Before even beginning setup for any project, evaluate the work area for electrical hazards overhead, on the ground and underground. Exercise extreme caution if any are found.

3) Evaluate the terrain.

It’s important to assess all slopes and land contours to determine the optimal area for bladder dam installation. If hills and valleys are present, the bladder dams may only be needed in the valleys. These barriers will only fill to the expected height at the lowest points along its length. In the case of extreme land contours, it’s advised to consult with your HSI Services, Inc. representative for assistance prior to deployment.

You will need to identify the water source and make sure to maintain clear access to it. Plan the barrier deployment so that the fill ports will be located near the water source. Remember, the shortest length of hose to fill the barriers is optimal.

Considerations for Construction and Flood Protection

24-hour monitoring is recommended for construction and flood protection applications. This will not only prevent potential vandalism but also provide a source of vital information in the case of barrier failure.

The Hydrological Advantage

Give your team the best chance to keep an edge over your competition. Choose an inflatable bladder dam for all your dewatering and flood protection applications. Use this guide to prepare your site for installation of an inflatable bladder dam.

Hydrological Solutions is an industry leader in dewatering and flood protection solutions. Our proprietary inflatable bladder dams are the most effective and safest on the market. Contact Us to learn more about preparing your site for installation of an inflatable bladder dam or for other dewatering and flood protection resources.

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