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Save Money on Your Dewatering Project with the Aqua Barrier

Most people prefer the Aqua Barrier for their dewatering project because it is easy to use, affordable and efficient. Construction dewatering ensures your construction site is safe from damages caused by water and that your work environment will not hinder progress. It also ensures the soil is not very wet, which would make construction difficult. Stagnant water exposes the workers to unsafe conditions.

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There are many dewatering methods, but the Aqua Barrier surpasses them due to its efficiency and affordability. Installing it is easy since it requires a minimal workforce. Aqua Barrier cofferdams are reusable and do not need you to do the post-construction clean-up. You can easily uninstall it yourself by deflating the materials and storing them for your next use.

Quick Installation

You require a little workforce to install the Aqua Barrier, and its installation is 3-5 times faster than the other dewatering methods. Since aqua barriers are easy to install, you can DIY and save on labor, making it cost-effective.

There are different installation methods for aqua barriers to block moving or standing water. The installation method depends on the type of water you are blocking. You also have to consider the condition of your work site.

Post Construction Cleanup

Some dewatering methods collect water at one place of the construction site to prevent flooding. However, this water has debris and dust, which will require the constructors to do a post-construction clean-up. Removing the water from its collection site will also require dewatering equipment like submersible pumps which are expensive to hire.

Minimal Man Labor

The water dams come in different designs. A team of 6 workers and two-track hoes can install an aqua barrier. During installation, the material is laid down and pumped with water to create a barrier.

The aqua barrier is deflated during removal by channeling the water back to the source with drain ports. This will also require a small team to remove.

Saving Money While Dewatering with the Aqua Barrier

If you are looking for a cost-effective dewatering method, you will never go wrong with the Aqua Barrier. Besides being inexpensive, it does not require much maintenance, installation, and uninstallation costs. It also saves on time since there is no need for post-construction clean-up after the process.

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