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Shoreline Restoration with an Aqua-Barrier

Shoreline restoration plays a significant role in maintaining an ecological balance of the natural environment. Whether engineered or constructed by nature, a shoreline can still experience erosions. And if that happens, it must get restored to avoid further damage.

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Restoring the shoreline comes with several benefits, such as controlling erosion and trapping sediments from land run-offs. Thankfully, Aqua Barrier® has made shoreline restoration easy, helping people save on time and money. Keep reading to learn more about shoreline restoration.

Erosion Caused by Construction

Construction of structures such as bridges, buildings, and roads has resulted in extensive soil erosion. That can cause flooding, which could destroy native plants, aquatic vegetation, and property around rivers, lakes, and oceans. Also, it could increase the number of sediment deposits in water bodies.

Here are some of the tips that can help to reduce construction erosion.

  • Identify the construction site areas with loose soils that can get eroded easily
  • Determine the extent of erosion by observing the site when it’s raining
  • Cover the loose soils using nets, tarps, or any other material that can hold soil
  • Install Aqua Barrier® water inflated dams around the construction site

Why Shoreline Restoration is Critical

Restoring the shoreline helps to return its margin from an artificial or degraded condition to its natural state. Thankfully, it comes with numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Prevents sediments from getting into the water, reducing the number of nutrients that can cause massive growth of plants and algae in the water
  • Maintains ecological balance of the water bodies while playing a vital role in preserving the shoreline’s beauty and coastal resiliency
  • Act as a vital buffer zone between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. If well-planted, the armored shoreline can prevent pollutants from flowing into the lake system.

Using an Aqua-Barrier in Shoreline Restoration Projects

Aqua Barrier® can withstand high pressure from the rising water levels, making it the best solution for shoreline restoration. It offers an efficient and cost-effective way to dewater the worksite during restoration. When rebuilding the shoreline, Aqua Barrier® will temporarily keep water away from the shoreline for quick and easy restoration.

Pro Tip: A wide range of rental equipment accessories can further improve water quality and prevent flooding on construction sites.

Repairing the Environment

Shoreline restoration is easy when you have the right tools like Aqua Barrier®. Many engineers have used the equipment to restore shorelines, making it a reliable tool to rebuild the water bodies’ environment. Thankfully, Aqua Barrier® is reusable and safe for the environment. Save time and money in your next project using Aqua Barrier®.

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