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A Simple Solution for In Water Concrete Repair

In water concrete repair is a niche area of construction requiring the skills, expertise and knowledge of the best methods to get the job done. With much of our planet enveloped by water, repairing concrete that is submerged in water is more common and in higher demand than most people can fathom. With the demand for in water concrete repair holding steady in the industry, you will want to have a fail-proof method you can rely on for this process. The Aqua-Barrier® temporary cofferdam is a simple dewatering solution that will help you get the job done right, provide a dry worksite for your concrete repair, and save you valuable time and money along the way.

In Water Concrete Repair for Various Projects

Submerged concrete can be difficult to reach, with high water pressure and, at times, unpredictable weather making the job all the more difficult. The Aqua-Barrier® is an effective method for many different scenarios where in water concrete repair is needed. This method is especially effective for culvert or canal repair and installation, as well as concrete shoreline restoration.

Other Common Methods for Repairing Concrete Submerged in Water

Some of the most often-utilized underwater concrete repair methods include flexible paste epoxy, cementing, adhesives, and other types of cofferdam systems. While these methods may temporarily suspend the problem, they are not always permanent solutions. As well, they do not always rid the work area of water, in turn leaving you without the dry land necessary to continue to labor on safely.

A Simple Dewatering Solution for Concrete Repair

With the Aqua-Barrier®, you’ll have:

  • A more cost-effective solution, as the cofferdam can be installed and removed 3-5 times faster than the traditional version.
  • A more environmentally friendly solution, as the area is protected from highly invasive waters.
  • A patented internal baffle system, unique to the Aqua-Barrier® alone, that can withstand large amounts of water pressure on both flat and uneven surfaces.
  • A watertight enclosure that will pump out all of the invasive water, leaving you the dry land necessary to engage in repairs.

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The Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam system, offered by Hydrological Solutions, is a simple, effective and eco-friendly solution for all of your in water concrete repairs. Contractors all over the world use this preferred dewatering method to dry their worksites for various projects. Contact us to learn more about using this system for underwater concrete repairs.

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