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Snowmelt Flooding and Your Worksite

As we transition into Spring and the snow begins to melt, worksites that have been dry for months may experience flooding. This brings project delays as long as the flooding persists. It can be even more severe when you experience flood damage on your worksite. Consider the benefits of using a water inflated dam to protect your worksite from flooding due to melting snow.

Preventing Damage from Snowmelt Flooding

What could be worse than flood damage to your worksite? How about flood damage that ws preventable? In some regions melting snow presents a serious flooding threat to projects and equipment. If you are working in snowy areas, you know all too well the risk of flooding due to melting snow. While sandbags may work, they are hard to store, hard to employ, and hard to dispose of at the end. Consider the following benefits of using a water inflated dam such as your Aqua-Barrier® Cofferdam.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy because you let the water do the work for you. Use any available water source to fill the Aqua-Barriers.

Safety First

Aqua-barrier® features a patented internal baffle system which locks into place when the barrier is exposed to uneven water pressure. Providing you with safety and peace of mind.


Aqua-barrier® effectively controls surface water up to 6 feet deep.


This type of water inflated dam is reusable and leaves behind no adverse impact to the environment.

Useable Anytime Flooding Threatens Your Worksite

The Aqua-barrier® Cofferdam is useable anytime flooding threatens your worksite or business. It is quick and easy to deploy, even at the last minute when flooding has already begun. Protect your worksites and other locations. Have the peace of mind knowing you are prepared to prevent flood damage.

Minimize Delays due to Melting Snow

If you are working in a snowy region, snowmelt flooding could pose a serious threat to project completion. Prevention is always better than recovery. Consider using an Aqua-barrier® Cofferdam to protect your snowy worksite, or any worksite under the threat of flooding. Hydrological Solutions is your resource for anti-flooding and dewatering solutions. For more information on protecting your worksite from flooding, Contact Us.

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