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The Aqua-Barrier Dam: Everything You Need to Know

Does your construction site have a smart alternative to traditional cofferdams and sandbags? Designed with innovative engineering and user-friendly installation, the Aqua-Barrier dam provides reliable water control for construction projects. Find out why our exclusive water inflatable dam continues to be the dewatering solution across the nation.

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The Aqua-Barrier cofferdam is designed for projects that are located in or around bodies of water. By using the water of the work area to inflate, the Aqua-Barrier create a dry worksite for workers. From preventing water damage to protecting employees from water intrusion, our inflatable cofferdam has become an essential part of construction sites.

Innovative Water Diversion

The process of dewatering worksites isn’t a new thing, but water-filled dams provide unmatched quality with their unique design. The Aqua-Barrier is designed with an internal baffle system that locks into place when the barrier is exposed to greater hydrostatic pressure on one side. By using water sources nearby, construction sites can be dewatered without harming the environment or requiring extensive installation.

Versatile Design Configurations

From building a boat ramp to repairing a pool, having a versatile solution is crucial for any construction crew. The Aqua-Barrier water-filled dam can be configured and installed to fit your specific needs. Arrange one or more Aqua-Barriers to provide the best flood protection for your project. Whether you need a full enclosure or partial blockage, choose the best design configuration to fully equip your work site.

Pro Tip: Become familiar with our installation procedures and in-field recommendations to use water filled barrier effectively.

Exclusive Product Features

Compared to other dewatering solutions, the Aqua-Barrier offers a number of exclusive product features for your convenience, such as:

  • Unlimited Water Sources
  • Industrial-Grade Hardware
  • Pipe Loops for Easy Installation
  • In-Field Repairable
  • Compact Shipping and Transportation
  • Rent or Purchase Options Available
  • Reusable for Multiple Applications

Aqua-Barrier: The #1 Dewatering Solution

Dewatering comes in all shapes and sizes. Does your construction site have the right tool to offer flood control? Our Aqua-Barriers are built with innovating and reliability, giving each customer the peace of mind needed when working in sensitive conditions.

Connect with our sales team to design an Aqua-Barrier to fit your specific project requirements.

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