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The Importance of Dewatering Your Construction Site

Many builders who have worked in waterlogged areas understand the importance of dewatering solutions on construction sites. If you’re constructing a building, a bridge, or a boat ramp, you might need to dewater the worksite to create a safe work environment. Such structures require a dry base to lay the foundation more efficiently.

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Dewatering is necessary when the foundation of the structure you’re constructing is below the water table level. There are many methods to dewater a construction site, including evaporation and pumping. You can also use Aqua-Barrier®, an inflatable barrier that prevents water from reentering the site after dewatering.

Here are the advantages of dewatering a construction site.

Job Safety

As a contractor, your workers’ safety should be a priority. Constructing a structure on the muddy ground can pose significant risks to workers on site. The wet soil can trip the workers, who might end up getting injured. It can even compromise the stability of the structures under construction and obstruct some tasks. Not to mention, too much water can also damage the equipment used on the construction site, impeding operations.

Prepare Soil

Laying a foundation on wet soil can weaken the structure under construction. That’s why you need to dry the soil before excavation. To dry damp soil, you need to drain the underground water using the right dewatering method, such as pumping. That will firm up the ground and make it ideal for construction.

Pro Tip: Dry soil lowers the risk of run-offs that carry away sediments, reducing soil erosion. It also helps to stabilize the landscape for safe construction.

Keep Projects on Schedule

If you’re constructing a building during a rainy season, the site can flood, causing delays in delivering your work. The delicate construction equipment can also get damaged by the excess groundwater, stalling onsite operations. You will even spend more money to repair the destroyed equipment. To keep up with your construction project’s schedule during rainy seasons, invest in effective dewatering solutions.

Safely Dewatering Your Construction Site

Now that you know the importance of dewatering a construction site, you should invest in the right dewatering solutions to create a safe work environment. It will also help you build sturdy structures and keep your construction projects on schedule.

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