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Types of Flood Barrier Installations

Flood barrier installations come in different forms. Every structure is designed to fit particular setups. Either way, barrier installation before severe storms saves you resources. There is hardly any doubt about the effectiveness of flood-barriers.

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Most flood protection products have designs that ensure they can withstand the pressure created by rising waters. The primary consideration during installation is the state of the area of interest. This will help you create a plan for different scenarios.

Here are several ways of establishing a barrier system.

In Moving Water

Installing a flood barrier on moving water requires a plan to maintain control over the barrier system. You will have to use special equipment to prevent the barrier from getting swept downstream by strong water currents. Consider hydraulic equipment like a track hoe to inflate the barrier adequately and act as an anchor for the barrier system.

In Standing Water

When installing a flood barrier in standing water, the best position to do it is at the perimeter of the water body. For lakes or culverts with stagnant water, you can install the barrier without an anchor. The constructions of the flood barrier consist of vinyl which has sufficient buoyancy.

After installation, the flood barriers stay in position when getting filled with water. For multiple installations, you’ll have to overlap the inflated water barriers.

On Dry Land

Dryland installation involves placing the barriers before flooding occurs. Structures like these are mainly cautionary measures. Installing a barrier on time before storm season starts protects your property to save you money and distress. All you should do is unroll the barrier to create a flood wall around your property. Finally, attach a water pump to the barrier’s ports to inflate.

Installing the Aqua-Barrier

Flood barrier installation requires a certain level of precision. It is reason enough to consult experts before making the installations. Your installation style is what largely determines how well your property is protected. The Aqua Barrier is an excellent example of a flood barrier. It’s easy to install and reusable.

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