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Using an Inflatable Dam for Concrete Repair

Any concrete repair project requires a dry work environment for quick reinforcement of concrete surfaces. If the structure is near a wet area, you have to keep water at bay until you complete the repair project. With the inflatable dam, Aqua-Barrier, you can keep any moisture away from the working site. It comes with several benefits.

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Flowing water can cause a long-term deterioration or damage to any concrete structure, whether it’s a bridge or a culvert. You’ll have to dewater the area before repairing the cracks. The best way to do that is by installing the Aqua-Barrier. It can handle a vast range of water depths for easy repair of damaged concrete.

Here is how the Aqua-Barrier works to divert water when repairing cracks in concrete.

How the Barrier Works

An Aqua-Barrier comprises two big chambers separated by an internal baffle system. When the chambers get inflated with water around the working area, the baffle will start to experience more pressure on the opposite side. It will then lean forward at an angle of 45 degrees to lock the cofferdam in place and prevent it from floating away.

The internal baffle system boosts the barrier’s stability, making it more environmentally-friendly and durable. While the baffle requires some exposure above the water surface to avoid a runoff, its internal balancing system can work well in various conditions. You can install the barrier on a wet area or dry land in anticipation of flooding.

Water Diversion for Concrete Repairs

To keep the construction area water-free for concrete repairs, you need to keep water at bay using the Aqua-Barrier momentarily. However, the method of installation depends on whether the water is moving or stagnant. If the water is flowing, you’ll have to lower the deflated barrier into the water from the surface using a heavy piece of equipment.

If you are installing the Aqua-Barrier in standing water, you can unroll it at the desired position on the water. The barrier is buoyant and will float on the water surface before getting inflated. If you need more than one Aqua-Barrier, you can overlap them at an angle that fits or accommodates your project site’s layout.

Successful Concrete Repairs with Aqua Barrier

The Aqua-Barrier works best for concrete repair projects. You can quickly dewater your work area to repair a small crack using a concrete filler or concrete patch. The Aqua-Barriers are available for rent or purchase at HSI Services Inc.

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