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Using the Aqua Barrier for Pipeline Construction and Inspections

During pipeline construction, it’s imperative to maintain a dry worksite, and the best way to achieve that is by using the Aqua Barrier. Unfortunately, pipeline construction usually involves many challenges of working in water, compromising the pipeline integrity. The good news is that the water-inflated Aqua Barrier can help to dewater the worksite.

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Dewatering a worksite is a crucial practice during pipeline construction as it presents a perfect opportunity to improve efficiency. It also helps to maintain pipeline safety as well as lower construction costs. However, you can only enjoy such benefits when you use the Aqua-Barrier to dewater your worksite.

Dewatering for Pipeline Construction

The Aqua Barrier presents the best solution for all pipeline construction needs as it’s far more efficient and affordable than other dewatering solutions. In addition, it can block up to six feet of silt and water, making it the best option for high-water areas. The best of all is that the barrier’s scrim-reinforced PVC material makes it durable and tear-resistant.

Quick and Easy Installation

Unlike the conventional dewatering solutions, such as sandbags, the installation of the Aqua Barrier is quick and easy. While the traditional cofferdams could take several days to assemble and dewater a worksite, installing the Aqua Barrier takes only a few hours. Besides, it stores the water in the worksite, reducing the time of dewatering the area.

Flawless Pipeline Inspections

With the help of the Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam, you can make your pipeline inspection faster and more efficient. That is because the cofferdam can control surface water to a depth of six feet and is applicable in various terrains and environments. Since the Aqua Barrier’s design prioritizes the pipeline operators’ safety, inspecting the pipeline is easy.

Choosing the Aqua Barrier for All Your Pipeline Project Needs

Using the Aqua Barrier is one of the most innovative solutions for dewatering a worksite during pipeline construction. So consider outsourcing the pipeline construction services from a construction company that uses the Aqua Barrier. That way, you can be sure that your pipeline will never leak its content, whether it’s natural gas, water, or oil.

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