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Water Diversion with Aqua-Barrier® Temporary Cofferdams

Working on a construction gig that requires you to dewater a worksite? As you know, not all dewatering jobs are the same. Sometimes you can completely block off the water for the duration of your project and others you will need to create a diversion to keep the water flowing smoothly while you work. Often dewatering projects require cofferdams to be installed bank-to-bank across streams, rivers, or similar small bodies of water. Since these bodies of water cannot be fully blocked, water must be diverted to maintain a healthy flow.

Water Diversion for Streams, Rivers, and other Bodies of Water

Hydrological Solutions has had many years of success with using diversion pipes and by-pass pumps along with Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams to safely redirect water at construction sites in or near streams, rivers and other bodies of water.

Used by Contractors All Over the World

Contractors and project managers love the versatility of the Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam system and continue to successfully deploy the water-inflated dams with diversion for many projects all over the world. This combo comes in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of different construction sites. Cofferdams and diversion pipes can also be set up in numerous formations depending on the shape of your worksite.

Most Cost-Effective Solution for Dewatering with Water Diversion

Quick and easy to deploy, the Aqua-Barrier® cofferdam system has saved many contractors both valuable time and money. Because time is money in the construction industry, this has quickly become the most cost-effective dewatering solution with water diversion in the world.

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If you and your crew often work on sites that require dewatering with diversion, the Aqua-Barrier® may be just what you’ve been looking for. Contact us to learn more about this innovative dewatering solution and find out which formation will work best for your next project.

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