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Cofferdam Comparison: Water-Inflated vs. Sheet Pile Cofferdams

When dewatering your worksite, it’s important to choose the method that will save you the most time and money. The differences can have a significant impact on the profit outcome of your project. Sheet pile cofferdams are an effective solution for deep water, but take more equipment, men, and fuel to install. That’s why many contractors are relying on water-inflated cofferdams when they can for dewatering their worksites.

The Benefits of a Water-Inflated Cofferdam

When dewatering a worksite with up to 6 feet of water, contractors prefer water-inflated cofferdams to sheet pile cofferdams for a variety of reasons.

Superior engineering

Aqua-Barrier® water-inflated dams are greatly supported by wide-ranging engineering analysis. Our dams are custom designed to integrate seamless construction, curtailed stress concentrations, superior clamping, zero or minimal creases and robust flow division control.

We design the Aqua-Barrier® using high-strength and powerful fabrics with weather and abrasion resistance features.

Ease of Installation

Unlike cumbersome sheet pile cofferdams, which require a lengthy installation process involving cranes and other heavy machinery, water-inflated cofferdams are quick and easy to install. Water does all the work. It is readily available, pliable, and flexible. When you fill the cofferdam, it forms to the river bed, lake bed, or other environments with no resistance.

Cost Effectiveness

Water-inflated cofferdams offer numerous cost benefits when compared to sheet pile:

  • Fuel savings due to greatly reduced time of installation and removal
  • Reduction in workers’ comp claims due to reduced amount of time that heavy equipment is in use
  • No adverse impact on the environment
  • Less manpower needed

Using sheet-piled cofferdams versus water-inflated cofferdams in lower water levels can increase your dewatering costs by more than 100%. Use our Cofferdam Cost Calculator to learn more about how water-inflated cofferdams can save you with product, labor, and equipment costs.

Getting Started with Water-Inflated Cofferdams

Contractors prefer water inflated dams because they are quick and easy to install and are a cost-effective way for controlling the water flow in an easier and convenient manner. Contact us today to learn how the Aqua-Barrier® can improve the cost and quality of your next dewatering project.

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