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Water Management for Commercial Pools

Summertime is right around the corner, so that means it’s time to get your commercial swimming pool in tip-top shape. Pools provide instant relief from the intense Texas sun in the greater Houston area. They’re typically packed with guests in the hot summer months. However, it can be quite difficult to drain the entire pool for repairs.

If you need to perform maintenance on your commercial swimming pool, but don’t want to drain the entire pool, the Aqua-Barrier® is perfect for you! You may have heard of cofferdams for construction projects or for flood protection, but you might not have known how they can be used for commercial pool repairs.[bctt tweet=” Are you looking for a fast dewatering solution for commercial swimming pool repairs? Find out how Aqua-Barrier can make pool maintenance quicker!” username=”HSIServicesInc”]

Leak Repairs

Pool leaks are bad news for swimming pool owners. These leaks are usually beneath the pool in the plumbing. This can be problematic when the entire swimming pool shell is filled with water. The innovative technology of our inflatable cofferdams makes them a go-to solution for repairing pool leaks.

Pro Tip: If you need to seal a leak in your commercial swimming pool, but don’t want to drain and waste all of the pool water; consider an Aqua-Barrier®.


Whether you’re planning swimming pool renovations before your commercial swimming pool is open or during summer days, our inflatable cofferdams can make it easier for your construction company to access the areas that need improvements. When your pool lining is worn and damaged, you probably want to update the shell before guests arrive. However, with the Aqua-Barrier®, you can still make renovations in peak summer hours. By retaining the water for the specific area you need to repair, the rest of your swimming pool can remain open for business.

Additional Features

Another improvement you may want for your pool is additional features. Maybe you want to install LED lights or add scuppers or waterfalls, you may need to access areas of the pool that are submerged. The Aqua-Barrier® inflates with the water and holds it while construction is being completed. This ensures that you don’t have to lose any of your pool water.

Inflatable Aqua-Barrier® for Commercial Pool Construction

If you’re planning your pool construction in advance, or need to make improvements during operation hours, the Aqua-Barrier is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to draining your pool.

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