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What is AquaComp?

If you’ve shopped for an Aqua-Barrier recently, you’ve probably heard about AquaComp. However, chances are you don’t exactly know what the term means. What is AquaComp and how can it benefit your construction project?

Simply put, AquaComp is a computer program designed to simulate the behavior of an inflated cofferdam in use. This program is used to help customers locate the correct type and size of inflatable cofferdam they need for their projects. Even if your jobs have never used this program before, it’s an excellent perk to learn for future applications. Let’s take a closer look at what this program does and how it can help you.

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Details of the Program

AquaComp uses the Distinct Element Method formulation, a technique that’s especially useful for simulating soil and rock mechanics in an engineering context. Using this method, a simulated Aqua-Barrier is generated in the program using multiple connected elements that are allowed to move freely just as an inflated cofferdam would on the scene. Once the user inputs an approximate level of friction at the worksite, the program can demonstrate how an inflated Aqua-Barrier would behave in the proposed environment.

Read more about how AquaComp calculates its information.

Practical Applications

AquaComp gives you as the engineer a chance to test different sizes and orientations of Aqua-Barriers in their intended environment, without the cleanup or hassle of hauling any models that don’t work. If you find that a proposed size or type of cofferdam doesn’t work in your program, just input new values and try again. You can test as many different sizes, environments, or other variables as needed until you locate just what you need.

Pro Tip: The AquaComp computer program allows you to find the perfect Aqua-Barrier from the comfort of your office!

More Engineering Information

In addition to AquaComp, engineers have access to detailed Autocad drawings of different sizes of the Aqua-Barrier. Using these drawings, you can find the dimensions and features you most need and test them in the program to make sure you’re right. Working in tandem, both of these features will help you locate the right size for your needs the first time around!

Check out these Autocad drawings for information on the different available sizes.

Use AquaComp to Test Your Construction Site

Once construction is underway, testing different sizes and shapes of Aqua-Barriers can become expensive quickly as incorrect types have to be hauled away. Fortunately, AquaComp lets you test different sizes in different environments for free and without any of the extra work involved in bringing in real cofferdams. Call 1-800-245-0199 for a free copy of the AquaComp program and get started simulating your work today!

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