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Aqua Barrier Inflatable Dam for Boat Ramp Construction

For efficient boat ramp construction, you’ll need to control the water surrounding the site. The best way to achieve that is by installing an Aqua-Barrier inflatable dam. With this dewatering solution, you can seamlessly create a dry working site for a boat ramp construction project. How does the Aqua Barrier work, and why would you need it?

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Aqua-Barrier is a smart alternative to sandbags and traditional cofferdams. It offers reliable water control for boat ramp construction and other projects. The inflatable dams come in various sizes, allowing construction engineers to work in water up to 6 feet deep. Now, let’s find out how the Aqua-Barrier works.

How It Works

Designed with user-friendly and innovative engineering, the Aqua-Barrier dam is used to control water for construction projects located in or near water bodies. The device gets inflated with water around the worksite to create a dry area for a smooth construction process. That helps to prevent water damages and protect workers from water intrusion.

Unlike the traditional cofferdams, which require a lot of time to install, Aqua Barriers are easy to install. With the right installation techniques, you can quickly set up the Aqua-Barrier. Many construction engineers have endorsed inflatable dams because the water barrier does the dewatering itself. It gets filled with water when installed in water.

Pro Tip: The Aqua-Barrier has an internal baffle system that can lock in place when the inflatable dam gets exposed to higher hydrostatic pressure on either side.

Types of Boat Ramp Applications

Aqua-Barrier is sturdy enough to get installed in various areas. It plays a significant role in boat ramp construction, especially that you can install it in less than one day. Unlike traditional sandbags, Aqua-Barrier is a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to build boat ramps.


Boat ramp construction comes with a long list of things to consider. You have to check on the size of the boat to use the ramp and the water depth. Most importantly, you have to select the right dewatering solution. The Aqua-Barrier provides an excellent solution for boat ramp construction. It’s durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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