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Dewatering Your Worksite: 5 Reasons to Use an Inflatable Bladder Dam

If you do a lot of projects in the water, dewatering your worksite is a regular part of your construction operations. Because you have to do it often, it represents an ideal opportunity to save money and increase productivity. Choosing your dewatering solution is therefore crucial to maximizing your overall cost efficiency.

Dewatering Your Worksite: The Inflatable Bladder Dam Advantage

Reducing the time needed while increasing effectiveness is the ideal way to streamline any process and get the best bang for your buck. Using the inflatable bladder dam does just that for your dewatering process, making it your ideal dewatering solution in the following ways:

1) Versatility

Since you fill an inflatable bladder dam with water, it conforms to the environment of your worksite. It also comes in various sizes making it ideal for most worksites.

2) Easy to Use

It can be installed easily with minimal man labor and machinery in both moving and static water. The bladder dam is inflated using water available at the site.

3) Superior Strength

Bladder dams such as the Aqua-Barrier® from Hydrological Solutions are designed to be durable and effective. The Aqua-Barrier® is made of flexible PVC reinforced with scrim.

4) Better for the Environment

Unlike many other dewatering solutions, an inflatable bladder dam is reusable and requires the introduction of no foreign materials to the worksite. Fresh or salt water available at your site may be used to fill the bladder dam.

5) Save You Time

Using an inflatable bladder dam saves time in your dewatering process by improving process efficiency. This translates to serious cost savings over the long haul.

Make the Switch

Maintain your competitive edge by choosing an inflatable bladder dam for dewatering your worksite. Choose the option that will save you time AND improve your dewatering process. Don’t let your competition pass you by. Make the switch today!

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