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Evolution of Cofferdams: A Dewatering Timeline

Evolution of Cofferdams

Cofferdams have a rich and interesting history. They have been used for water control dating back to 539 BC and have evolved and improved over time.

Earthen Cofferdam

In 539 BC, King Cyrus of Persia used earthen cofferdams to temporarily divert the Euphrates river, allowing the capture of the city of Babylon. Babylon’s dominance ended and the rule of the Medo-Persian empire began.

Roman Cofferdam

The Romans used temporary wood pilings as cofferdams to build Trajan’s Bridge across the Danube river in 102 AD in modern-day Romania.

Sandbags for Water Control

Sandbags were first used during the Napoleonic Wars in the 1800’s. They were first used for protection during battle and later used as temporary dams for water control.

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Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam

In the early 1900’s a milestone in cofferdams was introduced in the form of steel sheet pile by an engineer in Germany. Larssen’s “U” shaped piling with its interlock design is still used today.

Aqua Barrier Water Inflated Cofferdam

Aqua-Barriers were introduced into the marketplace in 1996 featuring a patented internal baffle system which provides stability.

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Modern-day Uses for the Aqua Barrier

The Aqua Barrier water inflated cofferdam is used for a variety of dewatering projects. Our clients have found them very effective in building boat ramps and bridges, for pipeline construction projects, water park maintenance, shoreline restoration and more.

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