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Keeping the Fun in the 4th: A Guide to Safety

Everyone loves the festivities and all the food that comes with the 4th of July. It’s a great time to remember and celebrate our freedom, enjoy eating burgers and hot dogs, and watch the sky light up. As you prepare for this year’s celebrations, don’t forget about safety.

Your Guide to Keeping the Fun in the 4th

Due to failure to follow safety guidelines, burns and eye injuries from fireworks are very common around this time of year. FEMA issues a series of public safety announcements from the U.S. Fire Administrator, Dave Paulison each year. They also provide guidelines for safety with fireworks.

1) Keep it legal.

Before you light a single firework, make sure firework displays are legal in your area. Be careful to follow all your local laws regarding fireworks. The laws are there for protection, but they can only protect you if you follow them.

2) Supervise all children.

Most fireworks, even sparklers, burn hot enough to melt some metals. After Independence Day every year, medical workers see many injuries from fireworks, and many of the injured are children. Take extra precaution to monitor all children near your fireworks display. For very small children, consider glow sticks in place of sparklers.

3) Clear area and follow instructions.

Before you light a single firework, make sure the area is clear of people, animals, structures, vehicles, and flammable items. Only light one firework at a time and immediately back away. NEVER attempt to relight a dud. Wait a half hour, then soak in water before discarding it. NEVER relight or pick up any firework that did not fully ignite.

4) Dress appropriately.

Wear light clothing and try to cover as much skin as you can. Avoid loose clothing, especially shirts with loose sleeves. Make sure anyone who is igniting fireworks wears proper eye protection.

5) Be safe and ready.

Have a bucket of water nearby to soak used fireworks in before throwing away. Have several buckets of water and a water hose ready in the case of an emergency. Before you begin, designate several adults to help in the case of an emergency. One should be ready to dial 9-1-1 and the rest should stay nearby to help in case of a fire or an injury.

Safety Precautions for Workers in the Industry

OSHA is also concerned with workers in the fireworks and pyrotechnics industry. It’s the employer’s responsibility to protect all employees from death and serious injury. Make sure your employees remain vigilant to follow all safety guidelines this 4th of July. Refer to OSHA’s guidelines for inspections and other safety concerns for pyrotechnics facilities.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th

Hydrological Solutions wishes you a Happy and safe 4th of July this year. We hope you enjoy your time with friends and family and all the festivities and food as well. Use this guide to keeping the fun in the 4th to keep it safe.

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