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5 Essential Ways to Protect the Environment During Construction

The general public has become increasingly more aware of environmental concerns in all aspects of life as public policy reflects. The US government continues to regulate environmental concerns in every industry, including construction. It’s more vital than ever to keep your construction projects as environmentally friendly as possible.

How to Protect the Environment During Construction

Environmental friendly business practices are a hot topic and the strong focus of businesses in nearly every industry, including construction. The great news is that often these solutions are not only better for the environment, but they’re also better for your bottom line. Get started with the following guide:

Minimize Waste

Construction produces a large amount of waste materials, period. There’s no way around it, but you can and should look for ways to minimize the waste you’re producing. Increasing the efficiency of your operations, optimizing the use of supplies and materials, and choosing products and methods that reduce waste are all great ways to reduce the production of waste materials for all your projects. Every little bit really does add up.

Industrial Recycling

Explore recycling initiatives specifically aimed at the construction industry like the EPA’s Industrial Recycling Program. This program focuses on recycling construction and demolition debris in other construction applications on site.

Efficient Energy Use

Use tools, products, and materials that promote efficient energy use. Look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your operations, materials used, and final products. Use the Energy Star Program as a guide.

Choose Green Solutions

Look for products and materials specifically designed to be more environmentally friendly. Consider products that reduce the environmental impact of specific parts of your operations such as using an inflatable bladder dam for all your dewatering applications.

Protection of Ecological Resources

It’s important to protect the water, plant life, and animal species in the area of your project. Not only will the general public take note, but the government has regulations in place to protect the biodiversity of local ecologies. Your end goal is to complete your project with the highest quality, most efficient timeline, and the least environmental impact.

Workers save fish during Aqua-Barrier installation.

Protect the Environment AND Your Bottom Line

There is an abundance of products and services in the market today that will increase your bottom line while making your projects more environmentally friendly. Explore solutions that optimize your project efficiency while minimizing your environmental impact. Use this guide on how to protect the environment during construction to get started.

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