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Importance of Erosion Control in 2020

Erosion is a top concern for construction sites around the world. In addition to posing a threat to the environment, erosion can pollute surrounding rivers and bodies of water, putting both wildlife and human health at risk. That being said, there is a high need for erosion control measures for construction sites. As a manager in your business, it’s important for you to be prepared to adequately prevent erosion in your area.

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Construction sites use a number of materials, including wood lumbar, metal, and toxic chemicals. Both wind and water erosion can carry particles of those materials to nearby areas, creating a number of problems for society. Both erosion and sedimentation are major contributors to water pollution in a particular area.

Erosion vs. Sedimentation

Erosion is the process of soil, rock, or other particles becoming removed from one place and carried to another location by natural forces such as wind or water. As an aftereffect, sedimentation occurs when certain particles settle at the bottom of storm drains or rivers. Unfortunately, that excess amount of water can spread pollutants and increase the potential for flooding.

Why Is Erosion Control Important?

Without erosion control, your topsoil may lose its ability to hold nutrients, regulate water flow, and combat pollutants. In addition to affecting the ecosystem of nearby wildlife, residential properties and transportation systems can suffer long term damage. To combat the environmental problem of both erosion and sedimentation, certain methods must be practiced by construction companies.

Traditional Erosion Control Measures

There are a number of ways construction sites have established to protect job sites and stay environmentally friendly. Effective erosion control methods may include:

  • Visiting your worksite and making note of potential erosion problems such as a sloped landscape or soil loss
  • Noting the natural flow of water runoff after a large amount of rain
  • Keeping the soil covered with “erosion control blankets” to slow the flow of water and protect vegetation
  • Installing sediment control methods such as straw rolls, silt fences, or gravel bags

Pro Tip: Understanding the environmental impact of your new job site takes strategic planning. Reduce erosion by taking the time to fully review your potential dangers.

Advantage of Aqua-Barrier

Aqua-Barrier is designed with environmentally friendly safe materials to minimize wildlife disturbance and conform to the natural landscape. If you are working near a river or lake, your construction project can gravely affect nearby water quality. With an inflated cofferdam, you can create a barrier between your job site and water levels to keep pollutants away. In addition to preventing water runoff, you can efficiently reduce the force of water erosion in your area.

Prevent Erosion on Your Worksites

While onsite erosion is a large concern for construction sites, offsite damage largely contributes to permanent ecological effects. If you’re planning a construction project, it’s crucial for you to consider the impact of erosion on your site.

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